HOMĒS Hospitality Services

HOMĒS Hospitality brings an array of services to the hotel and individually owned Airbnb business. Focusing on experiential travel, work from home co live amenities and tech enabled operations.

We focus on independent boutique concepts!

  • Concept development per building and market
  • Data Science based market research
  • Branding, Experience, Sales and Marketing Development
  • Revamping of distressed hotels/motels/office buildings
  • Renovating (interior layouts and design), Rebranding, repositioning and trend based optimization

We know what we know, and we know what we don’t know- but we guarantee we do know the best partners to bring in at pivotal moments from HTCs (Historic Tax Credits) and landmark preservation, purchasing support, back office and more.

We are offering re-design of your existing or new asset on a smaller scale for the smaller STR short term rental Host/and or property manager with less experience or less doors.

  • Step 1: Ideation: Based on Data Science and Market Research we’ll devise a plan that not just what the Architects and Interior Designers want,  but from an investors perspective; we create a spacial planning that works for both increased ROI, but most importantly that it’ll underwrite for better loan terms and provide flexibility and upside on your exit strategy
  • Step 2: Programming and Design: Based on ideation above, we can work with your established team to finish programming and activation, f&b, amenities and decor
  • Step 3: Execution and project management with your team (optional)

Addition services to complete your “Asset from Purchase to Launch”:

  • Branding services for naming your project is available (logo, design, website, copy and so forth)
  • FF&E Procurement; sourcing all the furniture and supplies for operations
  • Operations and Management Training

Ask about being on TV – there are contingents and commitments involved** (but so exciting)

HOMĒS specializes in the value add development of Airbnb STR homes and boutique hotels, inns, resorts with fewer than 225 rooms. We care about one thing- making sure our investors and our visitors sleep well at night!

We Are Different

Unlike traditional Hotel Developers, we have our pulse on travel trends, tech enabled cost efficiency, and cutting out the “noise” “red tape” or whatever b.s. that causes the clunky, unnecessary pivots to stay relevant and avoid becoming a blockbuster.

We work with existing hotels, new builds, conversion of office/manufacturing and large single family homes providing incredible stays, food and beverage, concierge that is off-site and a memory you’ll pass along.

See our range of services we offer, and reach out to learn more about our well rounded team.

Our current growth strategy includes:

  • Acquisition
  • Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Third-Party Management of your Airbnb Homes or Boutique Hotels
  • Interior Design Review and Construction Management
  • Asset Management
  • Consulting and Coaching

Management Solution Options

HOMĒS Hospitality services include full service management of your hotel, inn, resort, and airbnb style single homes. We offer branding, or your own brand and concept to be implemented- but our commitment to excellence in cleaning, turnovers, customer support and concierge will always remain consistent.

Our hub is remote, to offset traditional operating expenses, while increasing profitability margins- there are NO hidden or extra fees as is often evident in traditional hotel management companies with units under 50.

HOMĒS promises to make your stay a home, your home a valuable asset by providing all the services necessary for hospitality operations and property asset care.

  • Branding, Interior Design (FFE/OSE) and Pre-Opening expertise
  • Operations and Housekeeping services
  • IT and Tech Setup and Automation
  • Direct Booking Website, sales and Omni-channel marketing
  • Human and Robotic Resources
  • *Upon Request; Food & Beverage, Financial Services

For additional information relating to our management services, please contact us.